Sam Technology Engineers is a division of the Schmidt and Muller Group which was established in 1934 specialising in crane design and materials handling engineering and manufacture. A comprehensive facility comprising of project design and sales engineers, workshops and after sales services has been scheduled to support our activities.

Since 1970 the group has developed into a boutique engineering house sometimes partnering overseas companies offering equipment and services to the mining, steel, aircraft maintenance, rail, warehouse, distribution and logistics industries. our area of expertise includes project management, design, manufacture and after sales services. Our relationship with overseas specialist companies has resulted in us marketing a range of standard products sold into industries or designed into systems and equipment. Clients when employing Sam Technology benefit from a practical group of engineers having support systems which most specialist consultants lack.



Sam Technology, an Australian Company will work with the client to expand their engineering and partnering expertise to produce quality machinery and turn key projects for the Australian and offshore market. there are no boundaries to our endeavours and goals.




Design / Engineering. Consulting Services


- Materials Handling,

   - Light and Heavy


     Automation  and

     Supervisory Systems.

- Lifting Systems Accreditation

- Maintenance and Operation Manuals

- Special Purpose Machines

- Packaging Plants

- Mining Equipment

- Aircraft, Support and Maintenance

   - Maintenance Hangars


   - Docking Systems

   - Painting Cranes

   - Hangar Doors

   - Fire Services

   - Cranes

   - Crane Service


   - Boarding Bridges

   - 400 Hz and

     Preconditioned Air

   - Cargo Handling

- Rail Vehicle Maintenance

   - Turnkey Maintenance


   - Jacks and Jacking


   - Rail Brakes

   - Turntables

   - Special Purpose


   - Towing and

     Progressing Systems



- Lifting and Handling Equipment

   - Cranes

   - Jacks

   - Winches

   - Capstans and


   - Container Handling

   - Ship Lifts

- Aluminium Industry

   - Cranes

   - Lifting Grabs and


   - Wall Lifters

   - Flue Wall Cleaners

   - Anode Handling


   - Vacuum Cranes

- Steel Industry

   - Cranes

   - Roller Conveyors

   - Packaging Lines

   - Lifting Devices

- Materials Handling (Logistics)

   - Sortation Systems

   - Conveyors

   - Pick to Light and


   - "A" Frame Delivery


- Cabins

- Seats

- Lifting Attachments

- Load Cells

- Disc and Drum Brakes

- Thrusters

- Sheaves

- Steel Wheels

- Rail Clamps and   Brakes

- Anti Collision and Anti Sway

Sam Technology Engineers Pty Ltd is a member of the Schmidt & Muller Group
Address: 130-148 Woodpark Road Smithfield NSW 2164
Telephone: 61 (0)2 9721 5900 Fax: 61 (0)2 9721 5999